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You know that the Arctic Monkeys have produced a quality new tune when you can feel your heart strings pull at every beat of that song. Love you Arctic Monkeys!

05.23.13 ♥ 3

New Arctic Monkeys song ‘Do I Wanna Know’ sounds so fucking sexy. Fuck I love this band so much!

05.23.13 ♥ 2

Fuck the neighbours once again. Let me blast Arctic Monkeys live at Splendour in the Grass out loud!! *impatiently waiting for new videos to emerge*

05.23.13 ♥ 1

So its “Today” when the new Arctic Monkeys tunes come out. Currently 1pm in Sydney, Australia. Brilliant time difference that falls in my favour for once! BRING IT ARCTIC MONKEYS! I CAN TAKE IT!

05.23.13 ♥ 0

When people say Arctic Monkeys are coming back “tomorrow” do they mean USA time or Australian time? I’m confused…

05.22.13 ♥ 6

For all those Arctic Monkeys fanatics out there. This venue is pretty cool in Sydney ;) #arcticmonkeys

03.07.13 ♥ 11

If you’re all true Arctic Monkeys fans then you guys would vote for ‘R U MINE?’ to be no.1 in Triple J’s HOTTEST 100!! GET ON TO IT NOW!! 3 DAYS TO GO!

Vote here: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100/12/

01.17.13 ♥ 0

On an side note, I brought my inner Matt Helders drumming skills during the game today. I completely understand why he pulls faces when he drums ;)

01.07.13 ♥ 1
Here’s Fake Tales of San Francisco for the stander ups and stayer uppers.

— Alex Turner’s banter. Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2006

Now erm, where’s the girl that just got told off for sitting on their shoulders? I can’t see a problem with that. She ain’t hurting anybody. Go on love if you wanna go on his shoulders, you go on his shoulders…

— Alex Turner’s banter. Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2006

12.08.12 ♥ 227

Does any in Australia watch The 7pm Project or The Project (I forget what its called) on Channel 10 and sometime hear the riff of Fake Tales of San Francisco by Arctic Monkeys when they do a segment? I’m surprised that no one’s mentioned it here before.

11.29.12 ♥ 0
I’ve said this once before, I told people to jump over once in America and nobody did and I looked like a fool…

— Alex Turner at Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2006 

11.29.12 ♥ 10

Arctic Monkeys announcing gigs in Europe made me realise how quickly I need to save up money so then I can see them again when they tour Australia. This time, go to every single gig! *cries*

11.27.12 ♥ 4

Arctic Monkeys live at Enmore Theatre 2006. This. is. the. shit.

11.21.12 ♥ 2

What did I miss with all these washing-related jokes?

10.29.12 ♥ 0