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Now now Kevin Sheedy. You don’t want to be saying those kind of words when your team is “supposed” to represent the people of Western Sydney. Blaming it on the immigration department is ignorant and pathetic and it will make all of us turn away from your new team. One of the many reasons why I despise AFL. 

Our club, the Western Sydney Wanderers at least made the EFFORT to go out to the people in Western Sydney and helped build this club. We didn’t have this AFL mentality where when “you build it, people will come”. That doesn’t work for us. We’re all hard working people, who made sacrifices to come to this country just to live a better life. Having football is just a bonus because we all love it and we KNOW that football is the real world game. Its the beautiful game.

The community didn’t come to us, we came to them. Best example, the RBB donating $1000 to the Wanderers Powerchair Football team. How about when we donated 100 tickets to the African community so they could come to a Wanderers game? Bet none of you heard of that!! All fundraised by the Red and Black Bloc, not the club.

Kevin Sheedy, you’ve just given us an example on how you don’t care about the people who live in Western Sydney. Whether they’re a migrant or Australian. We’re honest people and we don’t like to cop bullshit from ignorant people.

So do us a favour, go back where you came from and don’t forget to take your oval-shaped ball with you.

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