I gotta ask to all those other A-League supporters. If your team has made the finals series (whether you’re a Roar supporter or Sydney FC etc etc) did the ticket prices go more expensive for the same seat you’ve stood at all season?

  1. jonorawr answered: Usually they put the price up for high demand games, like Wanderers vs Mariners. They put the price down if its not that big of a deal
  2. eenfish answered: yep. my season ticket doesn’t cover the finals (or the champions league but I did get a discount for that) and it’ll be $10 more than regular
  3. joshoaktree answered: From memory, no, but that might have been because I was a member? The GFs were both expensive though, which makes sense
  4. raena answered: Yes, and the ticketmaster fee was most insulting to boot.
  5. gk01 answered: Only the Grand Final from memory.
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